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Paper work

KunstRAI Amsterdam, Kunsthuis LOOF booth, June 2016 One Direction 2015. Oil on paper, 164 x 111 cm. White Lines 2015. Oil on paper, 143 x 122 cm. At Kunstrai Amsterdam this photo was featured on the art fair's Face Book page From 2015-18 I exhibited with Galerie LOOF in the Netherlands until the gallery closed. In late 2015 I traveled to Jubegga for the opening of my solo exhibition. Grateful to Galerie LOOF for so many exhibition opportunities with great European artists. Rotterdam Contemporary, Netherlands. Kunsthuis LOOF booth, February 2017


White Open , 2008. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, diptych, 204 x 122 cm. Private collection. A Simple Song , 2010. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 122 x 84 cm. Private collection, Melbourne Sometimes a client has a need for a particular size work for a special reason. I have done a number of commissions for both private and public spaces. This Melbourne client wanted a painting based on two of my previous works;  White Open , 2009 and  A Simple Song , 2010. She chose the size of the canvas and explained what she liked about both paintings. The commission took about two months to complete. The finishing touches.... Yellow Top , 2016. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 122 x 84 cm. A commission, private collection Melbourne.