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White Open , 2008. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, diptych, 204 x 122 cm. Private collection. A Simple Song , 2010. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 122 x 84 cm. Private collection, Melbourne Sometimes a client has a need for a particular size work for a special reason. I have done a number of commissions for both private and public spaces. This Melbourne client wanted a painting based on two of my previous works;  White Open , 2009 and  A Simple Song , 2010. She chose the size of the canvas and explained what she liked about both paintings. The commission took about two months to complete. The finishing touches.... Yellow Top , 2016. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 122 x 84 cm. A commission, private collection Melbourne.

Beige Bands

Beige Bands in situ, 2018. Beige Bands, 2014, oil and enamel on canvas 151 x 151 cm. The owner of this work traveled interstate to my Melbourne studio to view this work before deciding to purchase it. It is a very pleasant experience to meet the prospective owner and talk about the work and art in general. I love seeing photos of where the work is planned to be placed and offer advise. The work was sold by artduo in Sydney. This is the second large painting that has been purchased by this owner. If you have an idea for art in your home or office please contact me. I have a lot of experience in correct placement and hanging and can arrange shipping. 


To weave is to make a line and then another line and another. To draw, to weave, to make. Weave , private collection Victoria. Weave , 2009. Oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 91 x 76 cm. Private Collection. The owner of Weave, 2009, is a house renovator and collector of abstract art based in Melbourne. She chose the frame and has positioned this work beautifully in her minimalist home.

Paper work

Detail of Linear Crunch 1, 2018. Linear Crunch , 2018, oil and enamel on hardened paper, 40 x 30 cm. Private collection Melbourne. This work is made by a unique paper process that has been developed over a decade. The paper is hardened and free standing. Linear Crunch, 2018 was exhibited in the Netherlands and sold to a young Melbourne couple shortly after the exhibition. Galerie LOOF, Jubegga, Netherlands.

Small works

From 2010-12 I painted a series of works entitled 'over the edge' which were exhibited in London, Hong Kong, Auckland and throughout Australia. The work was based on observations of city marks (line marking, facade decoration) and the edges of surfaces such as concrete. Black Stripe, Black Line, private collection, NSW. Black Stripe, Black Line,  close up. ' Black Line, Black Stripe , oil, enamel, PVA and pigment on canvas, 44 x 35 cm.

Grey, White and Sienna

Grey White and Sienna was purchased in 2018. It is an abstraction based on walls of the city and random paint markings you may find walking in the inner suburbs. The colours are also for me the colours of Siena in Italy where I was fortunate to travel to in 2013. Grey, White and Sienna in its apartment home. Grey, White and Sienna, 2015, oil, enamel and pencil on canvas, 122 x 84 cm. Sold.